January 31st, 2012

My Draco

Projects - January 2012

Happy New Year, all. Below you will find a list of my fiction/LJ goals for this month.

1. Adventures in Hell (finish the last two, possible three stories) - Continuation from prior month

2. Reorganize LJ.
a) Create Master Fic List
b) Make sure all stories are tagged appropriately - completed @ 3:28 am, 1/7/2012

3. Keep up with weekly open_on_sunday

4. Find a new, permanent beta reader - priority

5. Write one Bones fic, any pairing, or no pairing

6. Write one HIMYM fic, any pairing, or no pairing.

7. Expand some of the Thanksgiving Drabbles into ficlets/fics.
a) Consequences - Angel(us)/Willow/Xander
b) Promises, Promises

Phew. I definitely think that's enough for now.