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School's back in session...

And I am completely exhausted by it already. *sigh* Public speaking is - well. Behind a cut to save my flist and those who would rather just read the fic. *g*

Not really as bad as it sounds. Although I am not a fan of public speaking, I can deal with it well enough, having done the odd bit of theater in high school and between then and college.

But the professor is simply - well, vapid is kind. She takes the blonde personality a bit too far, and lacks a certain respect for the rules of academia, shall we say. Out of two days of class, she's not lectured at all. We've had the introductory activity (use an adjective to describe yourself, mine was mischievous), one draw a picture and label it with your group, and two get together with a partner and make a list of things and share them with the class exercise. I should be grateful, but somehow I just need to take notes - not simply from the "handbook" we're using for a text, but from an actual professor. Which I am not at all convinced she is.

Tomorrow is Biology, and that professor sent us an e-mail a few days back that told us we had a supplementary textbook on how to identity plants, which is fine. I'll just hit the bookstore on the way to class tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to this one, as the term project (mine, at any rate) is going to be on the lava-plains of Oregon (I love volcanoes *g*).

Fiction-wise, I am completely stranded on Adventures in Hell - plenty of other writings ideas, including from some of my older stories such as the Unbelievable Series. I've also got a Xander/Dawn/Spike piece that is about a third written.

Have been keeping up on the beta reading, at least, for a couple of people, so no guilt there, lol.

And - the biggest news of this update - I got nominated for an award! *dances the dance of I am so very freakin' awesome*

The No Rest For The Wicked Awards - found on LJ here: wicked_awards has nominations running for this cycle through Feb. 1st, so go and show your favorite authors/artists some love!

I've been nom'd for the Heart Of Gold (best drabble 100-600 words) for Head Over Feet. My mind is still like - blown - every time I think about it. Someone *cough* snogged has also been nom'd in this categeory. *g*

So. Yeah. It's been a big week and a half for me.
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