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Drabble: Blue Monkey, Xander - G to PG

Title: Blue Monkey
Author: maryfic
Disclaimer: Joss. I wish.
Summary: He's not blue.
Rating: G, PG if you squint.
Word Count: 100
Prompt: Sarah Polley's Projects, open_on_sunday
A/N: Pre-series.

He knows monkeys are not blue, and some are larger than he can hold in his hands.

They smell, and are loud, much like his parents. They screech and wail, and cry, and laugh. They climb, and dive, and swing.

But this monkey is blue, like Xander feels sometimes on the inside. He wishes he could be blue on the outside, so people could tell when he was sad.

But Willow isn't other people. She can see his blue insides just like his pale, skinny outsides.

Xander tries not to be blue around her. Sometimes green, but hardly ever blue.
Tags: btvs, drabbles, open_on_sunday, xander

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