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Okay, so I got buried under real life. Update below the cut. *sigh* I missed LJ and writing something other than school work.

So - the beginning of term was hell because I realized two things. One, I am not good at public speaking, though I have no problem delivering a monologue. Somehow my brain doesn't see these two as anything resembling the other.

Second - I have to transfer to a four-year next term. Fine, except said four-year does not have my application on file, and I must fill out a new one because I am no longer going to be co-admitted along with PCC, so my advisor tells me, a new solo admission form is required.

And then I got depressed for seemingly no reason at all - I'm sure if I look there are the usual suspects, but I didn't even see it coming this time, so it swamped me for a good three weeks. However, I did finish my Feedbackathon assignment (thanks for the reminder, <lj user="> and now I have actually written a chapter of a new story that is Spander/Spawn/Spawnder (ha!).

I am entirely blocked on Adventures in Hell, but I did get a couple hundred words written on it. I think I am going to simply move on until the mood strikes me again - the muse is clamoring for other things, namely the Spawnder story.

In other news, I finally am caught up on HIMYM, and as sometimes happens, I find myself eating my words. Marshall is no longer my least favorite character. It was when his father died that did it for me - I just saw something that I hadn't before, and now cannot wait to see the dad he's going to become. A great one, I am sure. So snogged, you told me so.

I was also wondering if anyone has been watching Ringer, SMG's new show - I DVR'd the premier, but have yet to watch it.
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