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Holiday Drabble Call Fic #3 - Santa Baby - for snogged

Title: Santa Baby
Author: maryfic
Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure Joss couldn't do this on television.
Notes: The song I was inspired by the second snogged gave me this prompt (Angel/Fred, Santa Baby) was the original Santa Baby (1953), sung by Eartha Kitt, who has one of the hottest voices ever. You can find a video of it here.
Dedication: For ma darlin snoggalicious, aka snogged. Have a wonderful Christmas! And thank you for pushing me out of my W/S sandbox, lol.

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My Draco

Holiday Drabble Call Fic #2 - In Shadow or In Light - For rua1412

Title: In Shadow or In Light
Author: maryfic
Disclaimer: If I owned Willow or Angel, there'd be less angst and more BDSM.
Notes: For rua1412, who gave me the prompt: Willow/Angel, Angel goes to visit her when Tara dies. England or Sunnydale.
Rating: PG for angst. Cause I really dislike the holidays. Dunno why.
Dedications: For Rua, obviously, but also for velvetwhip, because she finished Boats tonight and made my Christmas. And for ma beloved purpledodah, because I found my little S&M pony today. Have I ever apologized for the research journey there? *blush*

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My Draco

Holiday Drabble Call: Fic #1 - Non Specific Winter Holiday for velvetwhip

Title: Non-Specific Winter Holiday

Author: maryfic

Disclaimer: Whoa. I don’t own Willow or Angel, no matter how much I beg.

Notations: For velvetwhip, who is keeping me on the string with Boats Against the Current, and the first person to request a holiday drabble.

Request: Willow/Angel, Season Three, set during Doppelgangland. I altered the timeline slightly. Also, assumes pre-relationship.

Rating: Oh, I don’t know the new ratings… PG-13 for slight naughtiness.

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