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Gift Fic: aversion/attraction - R, Willow/Angel for velvetwhip

Phew. This was tougher than I thought it would be! I hope you like it, dear!

Title: aversion/attraction
Author: maryfic
Disclaimer: All your characters are belong to Joss.
Rating: R
Characters/Pairing: Willow/Angel, past Buffy/Angel
Word Count: 370
A/N: A Christmas gift!ficlet for the queen of W/A angst (in my world) velvetwhip. *bows*
Setting: Season One and beyond.
Warning: A definite dark tale.

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Gift Fic: An Educational Holiday, HIMYM, Barney/Robin, PG-13

This is a Christmas Gift Fic for snogged . I hope you like my maiden voyage into these stormy waters, dear! Oh god! This felt so weird! Out of my sandbox and into a new one... *squee!*

Title: An Educational Holiday
Author: maryfic
Disclaimer: Dunno who owns them, but I do not. I also don’t own any part of Cyrano de Bergerac.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Barney/Robin, Marshall/Lily
A/N: Here it is. The very first Barney/Robin ficlet by moi, and I wrote it as a gift for the marvelous snogged. Happy Christmas!
A/N 2: Written about six minutes into HIMYM season five, episode 3, Robin 101. I have not seen past this yet.
A/N 3 – I am sure I don’t have these voices down yet. But I tried.

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Thanksgiving Drabble Challenge

EDIT @ 11/26/11, 3:49 PST, finished.

So, perhaps I am crazy, but I give you:

Thanksgiving Drabble Challenge

This is a personal challenge for myself, but if you like, you may participate, as well! This challenge involves pairings that I rarely/never write (as well as some of my favorites) so that I can stretch and grow as a writer. If you’d like to participate, leave me a comment and let me know, so I read your drabbles, too. All pairings/groupings are from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Look out Christmas though, because once I catch up on How I Met Your Mother? No pairing will be safe.


No rating is left behind – can be anything.

Word count must be between 100-1000 words.

Challenge is open from 11/16 to 11/26, ten days. That should be both short and long enough, I think.

Phew. Let’s hope I can stick to my own rules!

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You know it's the holidays around the Lee household when tasty baked goods (or things to make said tasty goods) start appearing like vampires when a slayer's missing. Heh.

Challah bread, cookies, maple fudge, peppermint bark, sourdough bread bowls..Oooh...I give myself the shivers I heart baking. And yummy winter foods.