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My Draco

Drabbles: 10 Dates Angel and Spike Never Had, G - R

Happy New Year, my fellow Spangel lovers. Enjoy.

Title: 10 Dates Angel and Spike Never Had
Author: maryfic
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys.
Summary: Ten drabbles depicting ten different dates that these two have never had.
Word Count: 1000 (10x 100 word drabbles)
Warnings: Uber fluff and really, really crack!fic.
A/N: Written for rekindlespangel 2011. Prompts suggested by the Prince of Billiards. I do not play well with timelines, also.

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My Draco

Series: Unbelievable #3 2/2

Title: Information Overload 2/2
Series: Unbelievable #3
Author: maryfic
Disclaimer: Joss
Warnings: Slash, pregnancy.
Pairings: W/S, S/A, Xander/Cordelia, soon to add Angel to the W/S mix. Possibly some Watcher fun too. Mostly cause I'm a big whore. ;)
Rating: Series, NC-17. This part, R for naked vampires and naughty activities.
A/N: you should probably read the earlier parts to this.

#1, Believing the Impossible
#2, Lost and Found
#3, part the first; Information Overload, part 1

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