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My Draco

Drabble: Weetabix, Willow/Spike/Tara, PG-13

Title: Weetabix
Author: maryfic
Disclaimer: Wow. So very not mine.
Rating/Pairing: PG-13, Willow/Spike/Tara
Word Count: 446
A/N: Part of the Thanksgiving Drabble Challenge, which ends @ midnight on 11/26, so I am definitely running out of time - but I shall prevail, or sweat blood trying.

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Drabble: Pie, G Characters: Willow and Cordelia

I had originally intended this to be NC-17, but as I was writing this scene occurred to me. I admit, I was eating lemon meringue at the time. *g* It's tragic, I think - what could have been between these two.

Title: Pie
Author: maryfic
Disclaimer: The girls aren’t mind – sadly. I could make them bend in so many fun ways if they were.
Feedback: I. Am. A. Whore. For. Feedback.
Rating/Pairing: G, no pairing.
Word count: 127
Characters: Cordelia, Willow
Setting: Season One
A/N: For the Thanksgiving Drabble Challenge. Yes, okay, I know I gave myself a *broad* definition of drabble. *sigh* I am trying to cut back, lol.

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NEW: Adventures in Hell (working title) #1: Guilt and Other Strong Emotions. PG-13, BtVS

Title: Guilt and Other Strong Emotions

Series: Adventures in Hell (working title)

Author: maryfic

Disclaimer: Not mine, as usual.

Feedback: Yes, please.

Distribution: NHA, Soulmates, ask?

Cross-posted to nekid_spike for the November Challenge of Purgatory, with a taste of Mini Nekid Guest Dru, and Nekid Guest Willow. Phew.

Summary: What if you’d been sent to Hell and got stuck along the way? Could you depend on anyone to get you out?

Rating: This story, PG-13, overall series, most likely Adult.

Pairings: It will end up Willow/Spike/Angel, with Xander/Cordelia.

A/N: AU post Becoming. This was a very short chapter - I am never good at back story.

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